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How to Invest In Treasury Bills and Bonds in Kenya In 2021

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Any conscious Kenyan investor would want to expand their investment portfolio by learning how to invest in treasury bills and bonds in Kenya. Serious investors are known to make a ready investment in treasuring bills and bonds (Also known as government securities) due to their higher returns and security (Kenyan Government has never been reported to fail to repay investors or default). Investing in Kenyan Government Treasury bills and Bonds means you are loaning the government your money for a certain period of time at an interest. You may be asking yourself how do I start investing in treasury bills and bonds in Kenya? Gladly, this post is what this is all about.

How to invest in Treasury Bill and Bonds In Kenya
How to invest in Treasury Bill and Bonds In Kenya

What are Treasury bills and bonds?

Before getting detailed knowledge on ways which one would invest in government Treasury bills and bonds it is very imperative to know its meaning and get familiar with what you are investing in.

Government Securities are tradeable instruments issued by the central government or state governments. Such securities are short term(91 days, 182 days, or 364 days — called treasury bills — with original maturities of less than one year plan of maturity or long term one called Government bonds or dated securities which have with them original maturity of one year or more (some going up to even 12years).

How to invest in Treasury Bill and Bonds In Kenya
How to invest in Treasury Bill and Bonds In Kenya: Credit CBK Website

The government securities are used for domestic borrowing or more specifically for borrowing that is denominated in the domestic currency i.e Kenyan shillings. In practical terms, treasury securities may be regarded as paper assets that are created by the government. By issuing the securities, the government exchanges the paper assets for cash from the people, institutions, or agencies who are regarded as investors.

How do I earn from investing in government Treasury bills and Bonds in Kenya?

When the borrowing period expires, the government returns the money borrowed together with interest earned to the investors. Payment is usually made to the investors’ respective commercial bank accounts subject to applicable taxes.

How to invest in Government of Kenya Treasury bill and Bonds

There are two ways one can follow in order to invest in Treasury bills and Bonds in Kenya

Through commercial banks. Commercial banks are authorized agents for CBK. This route is less hands-on but one will have to pay processing fees to commercial banks

Direct investment: an individual or company can undertake all the processes themselves. The major processes are as follows:

Open a CDS account: To invest in government treasury bills and bonds in Kenya you must have a CDS account. This can be done at any Central Bank of Kenya offices in Major towns, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nakuru, Mombasa, and Kisii. Individuals are required to submit a mandate card (form), ID copy, and colored passport.

Decide how to invest: Are you buying treasury bills or bonds? Major local daily papers (Nation, Standard, Star, People Daily) normally run pages of the available securities on their business pages.

Complete and submit application forms: in these forms, you are required to provide your contact information, CDC account, your normal bank account number to receive your payments, the issue number of the Bond or Bill you are buying, their face value, and have the form submitted by 2 pm on the auction day which is either Wednesday or Thursday.

Check the results. You need to contact the central bank to confirm the state of your application and how much you need to pay

Payment: Once your bid is successful you must make the payment by 2 pm the next Monday immediately after the auction. Failing to make a payment can result in you getting barred from participating in future securities. So do not spoil your future chances. Once payment is done, you are through, sit back and wait for your returns to hit your bank account at the specified period.

Examples of government securities

So much is entailed in Government Securities and a new investor not familiar with such investment might be happy to meet a few or more examples of government securities some of which are federally issued securities including the treasury bills, treasury notes, treasury bonds, infrastructural bonds, and savings bonds. Municipal bonds are debt obligations issued by state and local governments, and they are usually issued to fund very special projects and are often tax-exempt.

Having the interest to invest in the government securities one will be more than anticipated to know features of the type of investment He or she will be involved in. Features of Government Securities include Issuing Authority, Government Securities and Stock Market. Government Securities and the Commercial Banks. Issue Price. Government Securities and Rate of Interest. Tax Exemption.

A serious investor will check for the types of government securities that exist and if he or she will be comfortable in making an investment. If you’re interested in investing in such low-risk products, there are many types of government securities in Kenya for you to choose from. They can broadly be classified into four categories, namely Treasury Bills (T-bills), Cash Management Bills (CMBs), dated G-Secs, and State Development Loans (SDLs).

What is required for one to start investing in government securities in Kenya?

If you’re interested in investing in government securities you must have a bank account with a commercial bank in Kenya, and you must open a CDS account with the Central Bank. Kenyans and foreign investors who meet these qualifications are free to invest in government securities directly with the Central Bank. Having a bank account and more so trading with the CBK makes it very secure and reduces the risks on the securities. However, you might not be completely tied to the CBK for your investment to work for those who do not wish to open a CDS account with the Central Bank can still invest by opening a client account with their commercial bank, which will invest on their behalf. However, while opening a CDS account is free, commercial banks typically have fees associated with client accounts.

Mostly the government securities are allowed for the big entities because of risks and other reasons. Raising a question as to who is free to invest majorly commercial banks, corporate entities and pension schemes are some of the largest investors in government securities, individuals can also invest directly through the Central Bank. Asking whether the government is good for investment yes, they are. Bonds provide income, but face risk from low-interest rates. Bonds are seen as a safe haven for investors. While government bonds such as Kenyan Treasury and municipal bonds provide income to investors such as retirees, these assets face interest rate risk when the CBK lowers rates for an extended period.

According to the Central Bank of Kenya, Upon investment in a Treasury Bond, the Investor will receive interest payment semiannually in their commercial bank account as indicated on the CDS account throughout the tenor of the Bond. On maturity, the investor will receive the last interest amount and the face value of the Bond. Alternatively, Investors may choose to rollover their security into a new forthcoming issue and in this case, they have to complete the application form giving rollover instructions and submit it to Central Bank, before the closure of the period of sale for that bond. The maturity date of the maturing security (investment) and the value date of the new bond MUST match for the rollover instruction to be successful. The Bank, therefore, does not remit face value into investor’s account but rather sends only refunds amounts generated from new investment”.

Advantages of investing in Government Securities

Just as any investment government securities have risks but very low, minor, or not at all. Since governments run on taxes to pay for services offered and to set up public infrastructure development projects like roads. Sometimes, however, taxes collected are not enough and the government is forced to borrow either from donor funding, development banks, other countries but also from the public in form of government securities. In Kenya, the National Treasury offers two types of government securities: Treasury bills (T-Bills) and Treasury bonds (T-Bonds). Investors who buy these securities are loaning money to the government, which promises to repay those investors after a specified period of time, called maturity.

Treasury Bills vs Bonds

As explained by a quote in trying to expound on the two types of securities offered in Kenya for investment

Treasury bills are a short-term investment, with maturities of 91 days, 182 days, and 364 days. This means that if you invest money in a Treasury bill, you will receive that money back within three months, six months, or one year, depending on the bill you choose.

Investors make money on Treasury bills because they are sold at a discount. For example, if you invest in a 91-day Treasury bill, you will pay less than the bill’s face value, but after 91 days you will receive the full face value. If you’d like to purchase a Treasury bill, you must invest a minimum of Ksh100,000.

Treasury bonds are medium- to long-term investments, and their maturity can range from one year to 30 years. There are many different types of Treasury bonds, but their basic operations are similar.

Investors buying Treasury bonds are loaning the government money for a specified period of time, which is the bond’s maturity. With most bonds, investors will receive interest payments every six months throughout that period of time, and at the end of that period, they receive the face value amount that they invested.”

Here are the advantages of investing in government securities:

  • It offers secure investment as it is issued by the Government of Kenya
  • It offers liquidity. In the case you require part/ whole of your capital investment, you can sell the bond to other investors.
  • Guaranteed earnings. The interest rates earned on an annual basis are market-determined and paid out semi-annually making them a fixed source of income.
  • Bonds provide a higher return than term deposits for a similar tenor.
  • Bonds pay out regular coupon (interest) income to Investors by the terms of the bond contract.
  • The price of the bond can appreciate above the initial purchase price and allow investors to enjoy capital gains.
  • Investors can access a loan facility and use the Bond as collateral.

Therefore, with all the facts and intelligence on the government securities the investors may decide if it’s actually a better deal or not to venture into the securities. Investors have made larger margins of profits just getting to the government securities. The only thought or possible limitations are just the facts that the bonds investments (G-SEC) have fixed rates which some investors may not be okay with.

The margin of profits in any investment is majorly determined by the type of investment and the input initial capital. An investor has to be smart for he or she to gain hugely or fairly on the securities investments (G-Sec). The type of bond an investor will invest on will determine the percentage of profits that will accrue at the end of the maturity period. The other possible limitations of the government securities are when an individual investor needs the cash or in case of an emergency, the investor is limited to access the cash that he or she might have invested that is the main reason why the government had initially given the platform to major entities which will always be comfortable with the investment.

Government securities are the easiest and one of the most secured type of investment for investors who are new or are looking for a secured platform to invest in. The government will always be the safest platform of investment. Investors are always encouraged to use the treasury bills and bond calculator on the CBK website to determine the maturity and returns on their investment. Once they have invested this calculator allows you to determine what your payment would be based on face values and interest rates that you input. You can use it to determine what your returns would be at various interest rates or, if you would like to enter a competitive bid, to determine what interest rate you should submit to CBK to yield a certain return.

9 Best Mobile Lending Apps in Kenya in 2021

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Mobile lending apps in Kenya have eased the application and disbursement of microloans (mostly below KES 50,000) .The best mobile lending apps in Kenya continue to transform how lending is done in this country as more and more people opt for such avenues at the expense of banks and other traditional lending institutions.

Despite the ravages of COVID 19 most mobile lender have resumed lending albeit with cautionary vetting and lower limits. Sadly massive defaults have been reported as most customer take advantages of new CBK rules on Credit Reference to defer or simply default on their loans.

Being pioneers in mobile money transfer using Mpesa, Kenyans have become addicted to instant loans that require little or no security at all. There are tens of mobile loan apps in Kenya for genuine instant loans. However in this list we have curated the best ones for you. Mobile loan apps are giving banks a run for their money. This is because, for beginners, they are instant as opposed to bank loans where one has to go through a tedious process and then wait before the credit is given. Loan apps also remove the question of guarantors and security before they offer their loans. Banks, on the other hand, will ask you to seek for guarantors and then you have to secure your loan. While there are many pros of loan apps, borrowers should be keen not to be conned by dubious apps especially those that require paid registration.

1. Tala. Among the best mobile lending apps in Kenya, Pioneer Tala is available on Google Play Store, and once you have downloaded the app, you can sign up and start accessing quick mobile loans in Kenya. You must provide your details for your account to be verified. Tala provides personalized loans based on your digital credit history. Here you can track your credit using My Tala Status and repay the whole amount at once or in partial payments. You can repay your loan using Mpesa Xpress or through the paybill number 851900.

Tala Mobile Lending Kenya

2. Mshwari by Safaricom and NCBA is one of the most widely used mobile loan services in Kenya. It is not just a lending platform but a paperless banking service that allows users to save in addition to borrowing. Saving money through Mshwari earns you a 6.65% interest per annum. All disbursements are done via MPESA. You access loans of a minimum of Ksh. 100 and the limit rises based on your credit history. You can only access Mshwari loans if you have Safaricom line.


3. KCB M-Pesa This is another mobile money lender affiliated with Safaricom although it is owned the Kenya Commercial Bank. KCB M-Pesa also enables you to save, thus enabling you to borrow. KCB M-Pesa can be accessed through the M-Pesa menu on your phone, so you must have a Safaricom sim card as well. KCB M-Pesa has a special feature called top-up that allows you to request for a loan more than once as long as you have not exceeded your limit.


4. Timiza from Barclays Banks have not been left behind when it comes to mobile loans apps in Kenya. Timiza is an app by Barclays bank that allows users to do all kinds of banking from their phones. Services that are offered through Timiza include loans, fund transfers, insurance purchases and many more. Timiza app is available on Google Play Store, but for those who can’t access it, they can dial #848 to register.

Absa Timiza Mobile Lending App
Absa’s Timiza mobile leding app

5. Branch Branch is one of the most established mobile money lenders in and outside of the country. Being one of the earliest ,Branch made it in our list of the best mobile lending apps in Kenya. Through Branch, one can access up to Ksh. 70,000 from their smartphones at any time. All you have to do is download the Branch app on Google Play Store and follow easy steps to register. Loans are approved in less than 24 hours, and there are no hidden fees. The lender does not charge late fees or rollover fees which is why the app is preferred by many people.

Branch Lending Service
Branch,A popular Mobile Lending Service

6. iPesa :iPesa loan app offers unsecured credits from as low as Ksh. 500 to Ksh. 50,000. The shortest tenor for credits is 91 days while the longest is 180 days so you will have enough time to repay your credit. Their interest rate stands at 12% with no service fee. Once you download the app register with your M-Pesa number and then apply for the exact amount, you need. If you repay your credits on time, your credit limit will be set at Ksh. 50,000.

IPESA Mobile Lending Service
IPESA Facebook Page

7. Zenka If you have not used Zenka app to borrow credits, you will love it. The first credit is interest and service fee-free. It means you only have to pay the amount you borrowed within the stipulated time, which is usually 61 days. You can download Zenka app from their website Zenka and install it on your phone. After filling the application form, you will receive the requested amount in less than five minutes.

Zenka Mobile Loan Landing Page
Zenka Mobile loan Service

8. Okash :Okash credit app provides both personal and business loans of up to Ksh. 60,000. You just need to download the app from Google Play Store, install it and register. Using the personal details you provided, Okash determines your credit limit and the period within which you have to repay. The interest rate is slightly higher at 14%, but your credit will be timely for you to sort your monetary needs. Okash was recently in the news for using unconventional loan recovery tactics by making incessant calls to the borrower’s relatives using data pulled from customers’ phonebook.

O-Kash Mobile Lender
Mobile lending Service by Okash Landing Page

9. HF Whizz HF Whizz credit app works for both Android and IOS phones. HF Whiff belongs to the Housing Finance Group, making it among the most trusted lenders based on the reputation of the parent company. The mortgage company backs the app with its financial might hence giving client’s assurance of transparency. Once the app has saved your details, you do not have to input the paybill number, thus eliminating the risk of entering the wrong number. Many credit companies in Kenya are considering going the same route; hence we should see more apps in the future.

HF Mobile Lending App
Whizz,HF Mobile Lending App

Mobile lending Apps in Kenya continue to take root in how Kenyans access small credits. We expect competition in this sector to grow as more player enter to partake in the lucrative mobile lending market pie. This list of 9 best mobile lending apps in Kenya will certainly evolve and we welcome your comments about the same below.

Feel we have left out your favorite app from our best 9 mobile lender in the country? Kindly let us know in the comments below

How to make money from online writing jobs in Kenya

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D:\DIGITALOPPORTS\pics and illustrations\3125988.jpg

How to make money online in Kenya Source: slidesgo / Freepik


Making money from online writing jobs is one of the most popular ways among young people to earn income in Kenya. According to a recent study, 80% of students in the country are engaged in some form of online writing job. Having been following this for a long time, I think online writing took off from early 2007. University students with a good grasp of English discovered they could make a tidy some doing writing gigs for foreign writing companies. It should be noted that in the early days all of these companies were foreign-based.

The kind of writing here is mostly that of academic-based. However, professional writing such as copyrighting is starting to gain wide acceptance as many seek to make a career out of writing. I know of many guys who have taken online writing jobs as a full-time career. They have completely dropped their quest for formal employment

Online writing jobs in Kenya have witnessed exponential growth to the extent that local companies offering such services have sprung up lately. These companies are owned by previous more experienced writers and what they do is that they get work online and sub-contract this to other writers splitting the payments.

The good thing about writing jobs in Kenya is that once you have mastered the art, you can make very good pay from it. Our being a tier-3 country the payments, usually made in dollars translates to meaningful income.

If are looking for a guide on how to make money from online writing jobs in Kenya, you have come to the right place. This complete guide will take you through all that you need to become a successful writer and earn from your effort.

Learn about our online writing course and start making money today

At digitalopportunities.net we even have a coaching program priced affordably for beginners. This training, which is self-paced will see you through the basics to assisting you to get an account and implementing your first real assignment. That is something you definitely should try because it costs a cheaply KES 4500 only. Let’s do this.

Online writing in Kenya
Making money online writing gigs

Source: stories/Freepik

How do I become an online writer?

To embark on your quest to make your first $100 from online writing jobs, you need certain prerequisites:

  • First, the importance of fluent spoken and written command of English cannot be overemphasized. If you are not confident about your English, you can take some courses on Coursera, edX, or Udemy to boost your English. This is absolutely critical for your success. I also suggest you do a lot of reading (academic papers) on google scholar.
  • Master the critical aspects of writing. These are plagiarism, citation styles, structure/type of writing, etc. All these are covered in our course mentioned here about online writing jobs in Kenya.
  • Write: you want to become a writer? Just write. I know writer block is real and that is why I insist to benefit from online writing jobs available in Kenya, Taking a course, like ours above is a good idea. With each practice, writing should become fulfilling and enjoyable rather than a dreaded chore. Continuously take assignments and execute them to completion. Work with passion and deliver on time. Don’t give up mid-away.
  • Start small. Find a local contractor and start writing for them. Take simple and short writing gigs to sharpen your skills the Graduate to lengthy complex assignments that pay well when you have gained more confidence. While there is nothing wrong with registering your own account with popular writing companies, you risk a permanent ban if you submit substandard work. Note that most of these companies are made up of a chain of sister companies, essentially related but under different names.
  • Have the right mindset. Writing is not an easy money-making scheme. Far from it. You will toil and sweat to the last dollar cents paid. This can be a very demanding job bearing in mind the time difference and other requirements. Sometimes you will find yourself awake all night to complete or revise that urgent order. You may not leave your house for days on end. Encouragingly, with online writing jobs, you will be rewarded handsomely at the end of the payment cycle if you complete many orders. Keep in mind that errors, plagiarism, and poor quality work are penalized. A subsequent repeat of the same can lead to summary dismissal.

With the right mindset, you may be pondering what tools do I need to embark on my writing career? This follows next.

5 must-have tools to excel in online writing job in Kenya

To realize economic gains from online writing jobs in Kenya you need the right tools for the job. It goes without saying productivity is directly proportional to having the right tools for the tasks. Online writing is no different. What most bloggers don’t tell you is that a little capital to purchase the right tools will go a long way in saving you endless revisions and pay cuts from penalties and omissions?

If you take online writing jobs seriously then you should invest in the following productivity tools:

  • Online grammar checker and plagiarism tools. These are absolutely important. If a native English speaker saw the need to invest and develop these tools so should you. The majority of online writing jobs in Kenya are English-based. The truth of the matter is that no company or local subcontractor will tolerate plagiarism and grammar mistakes. These tools will save you time in terms of repeated revisions leaving ample raise your volumes and earn more.
  • Register for Grammarly and Turnitin, the two most recognized services for checking grammar and plagiarism. Both have monthly and yearly plans. Grammarly currently costs $11.66 billed yearly translating to $140/KES 14,000 per year. The benefit of Grammarly is that it is all-purpose incorporating tone detector, grammar and plagiarism checker into one. This is an investment-worthy of your money if you want to benefit greatly from online writing jobs. Turnitin is majorly institution-focused but nonetheless the best plagiarism checker to date. You can check it out here.
  • A personal computer (PC). A desktop or a laptop will suffice. However, I recommend a laptop with widescreen (at least 15.6”) with working battery. You do not want a power outage inconvenience when you are just minutes from an order deadline. If you have the funds, an additional desktop PC with enough RAM and a wide TFT at home will work just fine. Need help here?. Contact us for help on the best places to source your PC.
  • Latest Microsoft Office -2019 Suite and Anti-virus program. MS Office is a key productivity tool for academic writers. The latest one come equipped with the most current citation styles. This is key to working with ease and speed. The importance of an Anti-virus program is obvious.

In our course, affordably priced, we equip you with the skills on how to automate citation and creation of references list in your work using the latest MS office suite. You with learning how to insert citations and automatically generate a reference list at the end of your assignment.


  • Printer: sometimes you will need to print documents when your mind clouds up. At only KES 10,000 you can get a good HP printer from online market places such as Jumia, EBay or Amazon.
  • Cloud storage solution: Storing your files in the cloud via Dropbox, Google Drive and the rest may save you headaches when your PC crashes or you documents get corrupted/disappear. I learnt this the hard way.
  • UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply Unit). If you are serious about writing online for money you should consider getting a UPS.

Academic writing: plagiarism & citation styles

In your quest to monetize online writing opportunities in Kenya, your work apart from researching, drafting, and proofreading you papers, you will all along be handling the citation and plagiarism aspects of writing. You must know what plagiarism is and how to avoid it. It is a very serious offense in academic writing with dire professional and credibility consequences.

According to Wikipedia:

“Plagiarism is the representation of another author’s language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions as one’s own original work. Plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty and a breach of journalistic ethics.”

Plagiarism at place of work Source
Plagiarism at place of work Source

Plagiarism at the place of work Source: online

However, you do not need to worry so much about this. Plagiarism is covered exhaustively in our course. In the expertly curated course, we guide you through all the aspects of plagiarism. The benefit is that by completing the course you will have deep knowledge of plagiarism enabling you to produce clean text free of any false representations. This will not only boost your credibility but also save you time doing back-and-forth revisions that are annoying and time consuming.

Citation is the way you avoid plagiarism. That is appropriately acknowledging any source you use in your text inside the paragraphs and as a list at the end of the paper. As an academic writer sound knowledge of common referencing styles is paramount. In fact, before you are hired your knowledge of these styles will be tested. The most common referencing styles in academic writing are APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago. Once again we got you covered. Our online course guarantees you a complete understanding and implementation of citation in your work.

How to get an online writing job in Kenya; what is required?

A writing account is basically a set of username and password that enables you to access the backend of a writing company website to take or bid for writing assignments. You can opt to register for an own account or work under a local contractor. A local contractor who already has an account is tasked with taking up work and handing it over to you. Because most foreign companies have reached the threshold of a number of writers they can sustain, most have stopped hiring. For example, 4writers.net and researchwritingcentre.com are no longer recruiting.

Unlike earlier days, the current process of registration is very cumbersome and involving. In addition to an online sample essay test some companies will require you to submit a motivation letter, passport photo, application letter, a CV, pass a grammar and citation test, and also upload your ID and soft copies of your diploma or degree. After you have submitted all these, you will have to wait a fortnight for feedback on your application. You should be glad to know that we also offer these services. At a small fees, we shall prepare all the above. Yes, even the grammar test!

Should I register my own account or get hired?

First you have to understand that working under somebody is a sure way to lower payment per page. Most local contractors pay a flat fee of KES 250/page no matter what the mother-company pays them. How this standard fee was arrived at we may never know. However, on the brighter side working under a broker will set you off faster gaining the critical experience before you are ready to walk on your own.

You should be glad we provide registration services to our clients. At a fee, we scout out the best sites for you and prepare you for registration to ensure you own that account. Owning an account guarantees immense benefits in terms of earnings and freedom to pick the best assignment all by yourself.

We will prepare all requirements for you. Unlike other agencies, we do not ask for a cut once you start working. You will pocket ALL the earnings. Our mission to help you master the art of academic writing for maximum profits

How much can I make from online writing jobs in Kenya?

Online jobs in Kenya

Source: pch. vector

Online writing jobs can be quite lucrative. With hard work and steady assignments you can actually make enough to sustain your basic living and remain with enough disposable income to “see the world”. However, you are better off with your own account than working under a local contractor. With a contractor, the earnings are split in half. Most contractors pay a flat rate of 200/per page. The more order you do the higher your earnings.

Additionally, online writing jobs have very little overheads. You only need a laptop and internet connection and importantly time. The rest is done by your brain. Unlike other hustles like affiliate marketing where you may spend a thousand to get traffic to your offers and end up with nil returns, online writing only takes up your time and a little inconvenience when you are awake at odd hours.

If you have a steady daily supply of say a 5-page assignment at a conservative $4/page, this translates to $20/day and $600 (KES 64,000) in a month (assumption: you own the account).

Best online Academic writing companies to work for in Kenya

There are hundreds of online writing companies with worldwide reach. Before presenting the complete guide about the best companies for online writing jobs in Kenya, you need to understand a few things terminologies:

  • Cost Per Page (CPP): This is the average $ per page. Most companies offer English Native Speaker (ENS) writers higher CPP compared to English as Second Language (ESL) writers. This may be as high as a $20-margin. Despite enticing prices on their sites, the average CPP is around 6$(KES 600). For writers in developing countries this may be quite high in a local currency, hence the popularity of these jobs.
  • Hiring Freeze: These companies have tendencies to freeze hiring during low season or when they deem they have the required quota of writers they need. Therefore, grab that opportunity to register and own your account before hiring is suspended.
  • Registration requirements. You need to have a number of things ready. These requirements apply across all the writing agencies with slight variations. These include passport photo, CV, summarized biography, sample work, objective statement, university degree scan, ID copy, and payment providers (Payoneer, Skrill, PayPal, wire transfer, etc.).Having this prepared in-advance will save you time in your applications.
  • Registration review period. Most companies take 7-14 days to review your application. The applications can be quite rigorous with grammar tests, writing prompts, citation styles exam, and sample essay forming part of the process. During this period you cannot access their website backend. Upon successful application, you should be able to access their backend dashboard. With your user active you can either “take order” or be assigned an order (assignment). With “assigned order” you do not have the freedom to choose work on your own. Many writers have complained this strategy disadvantages them in earnings and growth.
  • Review checks: You can visit a review site to get a glimpse of how writers and customers rate a particular online writing company. A site like sitejabber.com offers writers/clients review of most online writing companies. You may get a snapshot of the support, payment, complaint handling, account termination, and general treatment of writers from this website. You can read about essayshark.com review here. You can enter the writing company name in the search bar to get its overall rating and clients reviews.


Top 20 best websites for online writing jobs in Kenya

I think you have learnt a lot in this piece and I hope you are going to give yourself a firm foundation in your writing career by registering for our course highlighted through-out this post. It is now time to make the next leap and get to know about the top twenty best website to start your online writing job in Kenya. For purposes of good organization we provide, in my view, a well-written article about this website via an external link. This article goes deep in the key aspects of these companies namely: How much they pay, registration methods, suitability, easy of application, support, and much more hence our recommendation.


Google terminates loon project that promised 4G internet to remote Africa via balloons

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A Loon Baloon before launch; Source Loon Blog

Loon,a company aligned to internet search and advertising giant Google has said it is terminating the loon project, a mission that had sought to expands 4G internet connectivity around the world via a set up solar-powered balloon that floats high in the atmosphere

According to Alastair Westgarth, loon’s project lead and CEO, loon’s goal was to provide connectivity to the worlds “Last billion users” in areas that are too remote or where current connectivity technologies are inadequate. According to the Loon’s Blog hosted in medium, despite finding a number of willing partners, the project could not find “a way to get the costs low enough to build a long-term, sustainable business”.

Loon was hailed as a solution to underdeveloped countries as it held superior capabilities whereby it could deliver mobile internet coverage over an 11,000 square kilometer area-200x that of an average cell tower.

Kenya was among the first countries in Africa to embrace the technology backing it up and Telkom Kenya, a key cooperate internet provider was first to sign up for a partnership with loon. In fact, President Uhuru Kenyatta made a video call to cabinet a secretary who was in Samburu during its initial launch in Kenya. Despite this writer reports no appreciable change in internet speed in the Telkom network was witnessed in remote parts of the country (at least going by users on the ground).

Why this is the right time to invest in NSE

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Read Time:58 Second

It is no secret the Nairobi Stock Exchange has underperformed in recent times. Many investors have observed their share value eroded overtime as many stock stocks take massive dips. Foreign investors have also taken off. A spot check by The Trading Room reveals most segments experienced negative growth in the 2019/2020 year. In 2020, the COVID19 pandemic accelerated the downfall further. The tough business environment that featured layoffs and ultimate closures forced many businesses to declare profit warnings (Listed companies are supposed to issue a profit warning when they expect their profit to decline by 25% or higher compared to the previous year).

Despite the gloom, long-term and first-time investors may want to jump in at the current depressed prices and make massive investments. The World Bank has projected the Kenyan economy to grow by at least 5% this year as the COVID19 pandemic subside, countries learn to adapt, COVID vaccines roll out, and most economies reopen.

Why not take the plunge? visit the nearest NSE broker to open a CDS account and start trading right away. You may want to consider former blue chips, like Nation, Barclays,Scangroup, among others.